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Maria de Gier (1986) explores the visual field by using an array of different techniques and materials; she makes paintings, drawings, etchings, does photography and film. She started drawing at a very young age and never stopped. She obtained a master in illustration at the LUCA school for Arts in Ghent, Belgium in 2009. Since then her focus has been on expanding her oeuvre. In 2011 she made her first award winning music video, 'Soldier'. She held several solo and group exhibitions in galleries and alike. Her art is always intense, picturing the human being in a very honest and pure form. Beauty, nature, melancholy and empathy are reoccurring themes. Maria's eye for detail makes her her work special, it creates an emotional connection between the viewer and the portrayed, one that is melancholic yet beautiful. Sometimes her work is called too intense, sad or overwhelming, but exactly there lies its silent strength and dynamic: to create an individual experience. To be able to confront, move and inspire; intellectually and visually, without needing any explanation or guidance. 

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