The video for Amatorski, made in 2011 is composed of old footage and new materials: multi-layered, it is a sometimes almost abstract, fluid motion: a stream of consciousness, of memories and dreams. It won the Best Music Video Award at the ASFF in York and has been shown at filmfestivals worldwide.

Woud, made in 2015, is a short experimental video. Playing with light, movement and cross-cutting a mysterious story is told through images alone: who is the girl wandering around in the 'mind-forest'? 

Next life, for Maya's Moving Castle, also explores layering, in-scene and off-scene effects, textures and new ways of merging shots into one another. Every frame is composed out of multiple moving images.

Sky is Blue was recorded live at the st. Paulus church in Ghent, Belgium.

This early short experiment was the precedent for 'Soldier'.